Supply Chain
Welcome to the magnum opus of supply chain optimization.
You can thank us later.
Your customers can't buy what's not available. Gaps and delays mean dollars lost – inventory matters, a lot.

Fast turnover depends on a reliable supply chain that is always on, at scale, and delivering real-time data. Traditional databases simply can't keep up with the speed and data readiness needed to support your business as it grows beyond states, borders and time zones.

That's where we come in.

The science of supply is powered by outstanding end-to-end optimization, streamlined operations and real, data-centric insights. Sounds like Christmas, right?

And for the kids who always got spoiled, we have a full-suite of upgrades:

• Automatic analysis of contract compliance at sourcing level

• Real time routing and ramp allocation at warehouse level

• Automatic stock allocation in high-traffic storage areas across your global warehouse network; always on, in real time

• Product recommendations based on purchase history at the consumer level

• Inventory fraud detection

It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Industry-leading solutions for your data, predictive analytics, and real-time needs.

• Consistent, real-time data and fast analytics, globally

• Cloud-based tracking

• Cloud-based data access (always on) and synchronized IT systems

• Precision demand forecasting

• AI powered capacity planning

• Advanced procurement

• Connect and relate many data sources

• Monitor shipments

• Detect anomalies

• Optimize routing

• Proactive vs. reactive enterprise decision-making (forward thinking)

• Data visualization to inform planning