Personalization Engine
Recommendation Engine
Welcome to the era of hyper personalized targeting.
How do you stand out in a sea of parties vying for customers' attention?
You get personal.
The generic, commoditized experience of yesterday won't cut it today – you need to think beyond digitization, the internet, ecommerce, and mobile and desktop applications.

If you want to stay top of mind, you need to deliver a relevant customer experience.

What does that look like?

• Offer products your customers will drool over (align with their preferences)

• Give them offers and promotions they can actually get (pre-qualify and gear-to-interest)

• Know their price point (keep cost in line with expectation and desirability)

When you're not delivering a relevant customer experience, your brand feels out of touch and unable to connect the dots, even the most basic ones.
Solution 1:
Bespoke Personalization engine
A proprietary data modelling solution that delivers a highly personalized experience for your customers.

Take journey mapping—the art of meeting your customers where they are, every step of the way—to a whole new level with smart product targeting, individualized pricing at scale, and tailored product information, help and advice.

Personalization builds customers' loyalty and trust and solidifies their financial longevity with your enterprise.

Use cases


• Remove a SKU from your online catalogue for customers who have returned that product

• Use style profiling to determine a customer's preferred colours and deliver SKU's in those colours only


• Offer budget insights to help customers manage their money

• Offer temporary credit increases in real-time when a customer reaches their limit

Solution 2:
Bespoke Recommendation engine
A secondary proprietary solution that uses predictive analytics to evaluate customer data, score their affinity with a product, and make instant product recommendations, in real time.

Use cases


• Initiate personalized AI-driven product recommendations based on customers' unique data profiles


• Suggest complementary product recommendations when a customer makes a purchase


• Digital personal styling that allows customers to see outfit and accessory variations in their preferred style and colours


• Detect travel plans and major life milestones through customers' linked account information to provide support that meets their needs. E.g., offer personal lending when hotel/airfare is booked to boost complementary product sales.

Looking for use cases specific to your industry? Ask us today.
The greatest benefit to offering a personalized customer experience is building loyalty and elevating your brand. As a bonus, you'll be creating a carefree, addictive shopping experience, increasing digital and in-store engagement, and establishing your brand as a retail innovator and market leader.

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•Caching services
•Azure Cosmos DB
•Azure Machine Learning
•Azure Databricks
•Azure Kubernetes