Pair Data Engineering
We're a team of data experts that love to collaborate to build
truly amazing applications for the world to use.
Got that project running but missing some key ingredients to really making something incredible. The missing piece is data. The more you can harness it, the faster you make a real impact on your customers, and the world.

No matter which essential skills you after, Datanaya has the jigsaw pieces to round out your A team.

Blazing trails and solving the world's problems doesn't need to be a solo endeavour. We've learned one thing in our many years at the helm of this industry. The best data projects come to life through collaboration.

The right set of eyes can see your data from a perspective your current team isn't. Our talent have experiences with all manner of products and services, and understand how to use data to amplify the value of your product to the end consumer.

We see teams working on products with poor data strategies everyday where we see their internal talent lacking:

· No master level aptitude to execute and shape vision

· Erroneous or impractically built roadmaps that never pan out

· A no mans land when it comes to who is truly owning and driving the product strategy

· Development stagnation from no true product leadership

· Poor team prioritization

· Team members who lack empathy for the customers point of view

Pair our team with yours to deliver operational excellence from joined forces.

We'll send-in top talent to fill the gaps and smooth the bumps in the road, so you forge ahead at light speed

Pair data engineering combines best-in-class development talent with hit-the-ground-running focus, to execute projects rapidly, on budget, and with benchmark quality in conjunction with your existing teams.

It eliminates the dangers of outsourcing by combining forces to strength your existing org structure, not replace it.

That being said, if we think there's a better way to organize your talent with ours, we'll say so.

This makes for a seamless transition after we leave from a pair data engineering arrangement handing back to internal BAU, as your key subject matter experts are engaged and on board, the entire time.

Get ready to crush your goals with a bespoke team built just for you.

Push play today on:

· Plug industry certified talent directly into your existing teams

· Datanaya's strategic thinking developed from building products up to $100M and beyond. The track record of strategic thinking to see the forest through the trees

· Talent with a relentless focus on execution with the reputation second to none who put egos and politics aside who built their careers with the tech leaders but have been selected for equally having excellent soft skills and emotional intelligence

· Dedicated mentor, one-on-one focused learning sessions, and ongoing project support and guidance to help you conquer challenges as they arise

Our expertise covers:

· AI

· Machine Learning

· Graph DB

· Cloud Services

· Digital currencies

· Blockchain


· Big data

· IoT

· DevOps

Angular and React