Customer 360
Enterprise Data 360
The data-driven engines designed to level-up your customer experience, strategy, and enterprise goals.
The older (and wiser) your enterprise, the uglier your data.

If your office systems come from the same decade as Flashdance, you're almost certainly housing a complex web of fragmented data and issues that are compounding with each passing year.

Strategy is not the issue – your enterprise is adept. It's that you can't execute what you can't see. You haven't had a complete, unified view of your data.

Now, you do.
Imagine what you could achieve if you had complete transparency of your customer base and assets in one clear view – the ability to micro-view one customer or macro-view thousands, at will?

360 is a bespoke data solution that lets you:

• Capture and combine data in real time with zero silos

• Access beautiful visualizations of your full customer database including trends, patterns, commonalities, customer groupings and cross-group comparisons, in micro and macro dataset views

· Gain detailed insight into who your customers are and how they interact with your products and services.
Understand your customers on a deeper level and connect with them every step of the way.

• Demographics – name, age, contact information, occupation

• Social media – social platforms, posts, likes, shares

• Behaviors – purchase triggers, purchase trends

• Marketing intel – lifetime sales, predicted lifetime value, average basket

• Transactional data – accounts-based, customer history, account relationships

Our 360 experience combines:

• Graph DB
• Python web job
• Event hub
• Stream analytics
• Azure storage
• Spark R Server
• ETL Python
• Azure Machine Learning
· Power BI