Custom Software
Got Data? We'll help you build an application that brings it to life.
We don't just build apps. We build applications for enterprises that need smarter solutions with their data.

Your building a new B2B or B2C product from the ground up. Or maybe your enterprise needs a new solution. Or you existing application needs a new feature set built in.

There's a good chance, whatever industry your in, that your new product will need to be smart in how it uses data, to bring the most back for buck to your customers and deliver an amazing experience.

Whether your starting from scratch, or enhancing your existing offering, leveraging your data to make your tech application perfect is where we come in.

We do so much more than simply build apps. We take the average dev shop one step further, designing, coding and constructing a solution that elevates your capabilities and organizes your data for maximum engagement from the user, so that your data truly comes to life.

With the right technology and framework, anything is possible – and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Common hurdles like unexpected issues your dev team can't solve or declining momentum, timelines and budget, are a thing of the past.

Your vision is our mission.

If you're looking for an application that fuels your data mindset in real-time, we'll take your idea from inception to completion using a multi-stage process that includes:

· Early-stage brainstorm
· Discovery
· Proof of concept
· Development
· Testing
· Pre-production
· Production
· Product release

· End-to-end support:
· Custom app development
· Best practice guidance
· Code-base reviews
· Specific project support

· A team of best-in-class specialists, bringing just the skills you need and none of the skills you don't.

· Ability to downsize or expand the team at will, as the project evolves.

· Dedicated mentorship, consultation and strategy from our in-house 4x CTO.

· Industry-leading compliance to ensure your build meets all regulatory, information security and data privacy regulations.

· Internal incentives to ensure our staff deliver on time and budget.

· A reputation that attracts specialized talent, including in new technologies like AR/VR.

· A focus on strategic planning over administration
Whether you're developing a 360° consumer app experience or an in-house enterprise solution with sustainable IP – we're equipped to build, execute, and translate, across web, iOS and Android.

We deliver smarter solutions in a range of programming languages to meet your needs:
· JavaScript
· Swift
· Python
· Ruby
· C+