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Datnaya's hiring service is unique and, something you have never experienced before! We have expertise in understanding the role required to be fulfilled in your team and, finding the right match for the job.

Our extensive list of data experts helps us find a perfect fit for your team in a timely manner. These experts have the desired amount of experience and, knowledge to complete the projects.

The specialty of these experts is that they are extremely AFFORDABLE and hired GLOBALLY to achieve your company's goals.
Our Services
Customize your digital transformation journey.
Hire your team data experts
Datanaya has expertise in understanding the need for developers in your team and locates affordable remote talent accordingly.
Enable insights faster and strengthen decision making.
IoT and Data Consolidation
DATANAYA's multi-phase approach considers all areas of the data flow process, from the data source to the end-user.
Enable users to visualize the customer journey in full context across a variety of channels and discover omnichannel insights in real-time.
Customer Journey Orchestration
Activate relevant data automatically for real-time experience delivery to your customers.
See you what customers want right now and build experiences on it by using data from different platforms.
Datanaya works with Uniform Customer Model, Journey Mapping, Visualizations, and smart targeting in Customer 360.
Tools and Technologies
Trino is a trusted, open source fast distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics. Your business and data teams can access structured or unstructured data in any storage system, in any environment, in real time.
Apache Arrow
Apache Arrow is an open source, cross-language development platform that combines the benefits of columnar data structures with in-memory computing. It makes the accessing and sharing of data in big data systems fast and efficient.
OpenRefine (formerly GoogleRefine)
OpenRefine is a powerful, open source tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and linking and extending it with web services and external data.
Apache Cassandra
Cassandra is a proven, open source database used when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Cassandra's support for replicating across multiple data centers is best-in-class, providing lower latency for your users and the peace of mind of knowing that there are no single points of failure or network bottlenecks.
Graph Databases
Graph databases are a type of NoSQL database created to address the limitations of relational databases. They are purpose-built to store and navigate relationships through a highly connected data network of nodes. They offer the performance, flexibility and agility needed when querying across big data systems.
On-premise, Cloud-based, or Hybrid
We can work within any type of computing, storage, or services architecture.
Adobe Experience Platform
Experience Platform enables organizations to centralize and standardize customer data and content from any system and apply data science and machine learning to dramatically improve the design and delivery of rich, personalized experiences.
Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of applications and services built on the first platform specifically designed for unmatched customer experiences, giving you the most comprehensive tools for insights, content, engagement, and more.
Building an Intelligent Data Environment
Leverage a team that's designed and built to deliver results.
Data Engineers
Our Data Engineers are seasoned in both traditional and modern data technologies, with many certified in all of the premier Hadoop distributions. They have broad experience developing, implementing, troubleshooting and optimizing data solutions across many platforms.
Data Visualization Consultants
Our experts are trained and certified with the leading Business Intelligence and Visualization tools. They work to understand how your business uses data and create visualizations that are easy to understand, automate and share.
Data Scientists
Our team of Data Scientists has extensive experience delivering world-class data science solutions. They're adept at solving complex analytical problems using quantitative approaches while leveraging a unique blend of analytical, mathematical and technical skills.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Statistical and predictive modelling concepts
  • Machine-learning approaches
  • Clustering and classification techniques
  • Recommendation and optimization algorithms
  • Statistical programming languages and tools
Data Architects
Our Senior Technologists are experts in architecting traditional and modern data infrastructures. They have vast experience in senior IT and data architecture roles at Fortune 500 companies across a variety of vertical markets including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing and Utilities.
Data Consultants
Our Consultants have rich backgrounds in business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing, and real-time field experience in a range of verticals including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing and Utilities.
What We Can Do in a Matter of Weeks
Innovate intelligently. Validate easily. Fund projects fast and affordably.
02-04 Weeks
Business & Functionality

Interactive Prototype
Identify Functionality
Stakeholder & User Validation

Technology & Data

See Your Real Data
04-06 Weeks
Business & Functionality

Interactive Prototype
Identify Functionality
Stakeholder & User Validation
Interactive Visualizations

Technology & Data

See Your Real Data
Hosted Software Stack
Assessment & Algorithm Training
Investigate ML Candidates
06-08 Weeks
Business & Functionality

Interactive Prototype
Identify Functionality
Stakeholder & User Validation
Interactive Visualizations
Machine Learning Outcomes

Technology & Data

See Your Real Data
Hosted Software Stack
Assessment & Algorithm Training
Investigate ML Candidates
Identify ML Business Cases
About Us
Datanaya is a Toronto-based data engineering firm specializing in customer data transformation. We help medium to large-sized companies lacking the resources, skills, or know-how to unlock the business value of their customer data. We can help regardless of where you are on your customer data journey.

We also provide training sessions to teams or individuals looking to further develop their technical skills in data engineering and analysis. Some of the topics we cover include training in Cassandra, Apache Arrow, Graph Databases, Trino, and OpenRefine.
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